About Us


Diver’s Paradise is a seven unit apartment building that offers all the amenities of a home. The apartments were designed with divers in mind, making them the ideal place for both divers and nondivers alike. With management living on-site, you have a personal concierge, a maintenance man to solve any issues, and a fellow diver to ask for suggestions. We take pride in our work and strive to provide you with a quiet, clean, comfortable, and affordable accommodation for your stay in Bonaire.


John Schwind

John grew up in Colorado, USA with a love for the mountains, but a greater passion for the ocean. He has worked in the dive industry since 2006 and has made it around the world diving and working as an instructor. He first discovered Bonaire as a boy on his first diving vacation and continued to return, developing a love for the special island. Almost 20 years after his first visit to Bonaire , he ended up moving to there in 2014. When he is not working on Diver’s Paradise you will find him on the reef taking pictures or hunting lionfish.